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Over 100 Free Craft Patterns, Tips and Ideas!

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The day is not complete til you add a few rounds to a sock.

aerogarden In 1995, these pages began as a collection of yarn and fabric based craft patterns and ideas that were both inexpensive and quick to finish, for those of us who were short of cash, ideas and patience.

transplant from aerogarden to earth marijuana Over the years, this site has grown to include craft related software, lots of tips, links to online crafting groups and craft suppliers; and most recently, some ideas for making extra money, links to free stuff and recipes. I am also a big Four Seasons fan, and have a section to my site dedicated to them.

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Life's demands being what they are, in mid 2004, I decided to simplify this site. It's much easier to find your way around.

Books and Magazines
Links to online sources for craft books and magazines.
Craft Supplies
Links to online craft suppliers, contests, coupons, free stuff, difficult to find items. The giraffe and sock monkey pages are also here.
Items for gifts, the home, pets, clothing.
Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
Frankie and the Four - gotta love 'em!
Craft projects and other gift ideas for special occassions, including patriotic crafts for Canadians and Americans.
Gift items, items for pets and home, clothing, plus lots of socks!
A small collection of easy one dish meals.
Bed sheet ideas, other easy to make items for home and travel.
Dozens of links software for all kinds of crafts (DOS, Linux, Mac, Palm, Windows, etc.), calculators, graph paper, charts, and more!
Conversion (patterns, charts, hook and needle sizes, crochet stitches), knitting and crochet glossaries, homemade wool wash, grafting, dyeing, math, mothball alternatives, swatching, using variegated yarns, etc.
What's New?
The latest site updates.

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